Me and my Blog

Judging by the title you have probably clicked on to this site to know more about what this blog has to offer. So I would say you too have a passion for art and that creative mind of yours is probably looking out for something new and expansive!!

This blog is only an extension of my creative diary where I would like to share my various crafty posts on fabric flower making, paper craft, jewellery making etc. Apart from this I would also post materials with regards to food and cooking (recipes), photography, gardening etc.

Everything floral and colourful that strikes my fancy would be on this blog!!!!!

What started out as a hobby has now turned out into a creative voyage of some sort. Positive vibes about my creations from my family, friends and well-wishers locally have inspired me to start up this blog. With no prior blogging experience, I still intend to write a new post as often as I can and share my ideas and techniques with you.

I do not claim to be a counsellor of art & crafts nor am I a professional in this field. With an Accounts & Banking background, my knowledge about crafts was barely minimal. So maybe you will find my creations a bit amateurish. Feedback about this blog or on my creativity would be most welcome. Your thoughts and views about my work will not only encourage me, but also help me strengthen my weak links and inspire me to better my future projects.

Hope you find this blog interesting!!!




6 thoughts on “About

  1. I have just recently signed up and would really love to see/read the tutorial on how to make the orange roses but am having difficulty getting into it … Could you help me?


    • April thanks for signing up for my blog!!! 🙂
      Making the roses wasn’t that difficult, but compiling a tutorial with good pics surely is…..not sure if i would be able to post one shortly, but its definitely on my mind now and hopefully in the near future i will share it with my viewers.


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