Rolled Silk Rosettes

These classic cluster of rosettes are neatly handcrafted with silk fabric.

I have always wanted to make ‘rolled fabric flowers’ and after going through many tutorials by various crafters, I finally came up with my own style but with unsuccessful attempts initially.The process takes a while and with your imagination and all the creative juices flowing you tend to come up with your own creations.

The art of twisting and rolling of the fabric until you reach perfection had been very strenuous. I kept on discarding many of my earlier works as they just didn’t look right. It took a while for me to get this elegant and immaculate look. The one you see below is the final one which has turned out just perfect! In fact, I do have another cluster made prior to this one but with a ruffled and fluffy look which I shall publish in my next post.



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7 thoughts on “Rolled Silk Rosettes

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