The Green Crafts Lifestyle

The Green Craft Lifestyle

For all you bloggers who are into upcycling/recycling, this is a book for you!!!

This amazing crafty upcyling ebook by Mahe Zehra Hussain is available on

Mahe is an amazing artist who applies mixed media and altered techniques to materials that are recyclable and has written several books and videos on green crafts. The above e-book is her latest venture where she has put together many upcycling projects on metal, plastic, wood, paper and fabric submitted by various bloggers including myself!!!

I take great pride to tell you that two of my submissions DIY Bracelets from recycled spiral binders &  DIY Bracelet from Lan Cable wires have been selected by Mahe for this book. My special thanks to Katherine from Pillows-a-la-mode who suggested that I submit my projects to Mahe who was on a look-out for projects from crafters and artists all over the world.



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