Tear Drop Beads Pendant


This is my trial-and-error creation!!!

Making a pendant was never on my mind when I first sought eyes on these beautiful red tear drop beads.  A bracelet was what I had initially planned to do and had also bought all the necessary accessories to go with it, like a silver chain, charms, clasps etc. I’m back home and I realize I’ve ran out of silver wire, and thus had to change my mind into making a pair of earrings with some transparent seed bead and put my copper wire in use instead. Now I’m like almost finished with the first earring and I realize I have no copper ear-wires to match with it (right now in stock are the silver ones only …. plenty of them!!)  and so I coiled the wire instead to make a big loop and converted this genius creation into a pendant!!! 🙂



Some more Creative Pendants:

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Peacock Blue Paper Bead Pendant


2 thoughts on “Tear Drop Beads Pendant

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