DIY Bead Bracelet using recycled Spiral Binders.

A picture tutorial on how to make this simple bracelet using spiral binders.

This bracelet is easy to make and in addition to the binders, all you would need is a chain nosed plier and some seed beads of your choice.


If you still have the Year 2012 Calendar hanging on the wall, do not discard it. The spiral binders on it can come handy to make this easy bracelet-bangle. If your calendar does not have these binders don’t worry, you can look for it on some of your old diaries or writing pads ……. not in use of course 🙂




Step 1:

Pull off the binders from the calendar or writing pad. This will be your wire for your bracelet.

You will require two of these and the length of each should be twice the size of your bangle-size. The longer the lenghth of the wire the better.


Step 2:

Pull the wire from both ends and straigthen it roughly with your finger-tips just enough for the beads to slide through smoothly.

Slide the beads as shown above.


Step 3:

Leave 2 inches of the wire and twist the first set of 3 beads as shown above.

You may break the wire at this point so twist it very gently as the binder wires are very soft.


Step 4:

Now twist the second set of 3 beads, again about 2 inches away from the first set.


Step 5:

Likewise continue with the rest of the beads till you reach the end of the wire.

Do the same with the other wire.


Step 6:

Take one end of both the wires and using your chain nosed plier, gently twist them together as shown above.


Step 7:

When you reach the beads, put the plier down and use you fingers instead to twist and tangle the wires together.


Step 8:

As per your bangle-size, secure one end to the other and start rolling the wire to form a circular shape.


Step 9:

Roll to form a circular bracelet till you reach the end.


Step 10:

Secure the wire-end as shown above.



Step 11:

Pull the beads outwards and gently try to tuck in the wires to shape it like a bangle.

Your finished product!!!



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