Recycled Plastic Flowers

We all know that recycling helps conserve our earth’s natural resources thus protecting the environment. Many a times we tend to overlook things around us considered obsolete or waste but which can easily be put to use again. You will find innumerable items within your surroundings itself that can be recycled and re-used.

So starting small, the below creation is my share of contribution towards the environment. I have used cut peices of plastic beverage bottles for making the flowers and the technique used is the same as described in my earlier post Recyled Plastic Pendant.

Please note that utmost care is needed while cutting & burning the plastic if you are trying this technique at home. Protection for eyes & hands are recommended.








 Recycled Plastic Pendant







10 thoughts on “Recycled Plastic Flowers

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  4. your plastic flowers are gorgeous. do you have a tutorial on how to assemble them. I was also wondering if you know whether markers could be used on plain bottles to give them some color. thank you

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    • Thank you Mary for your comments.
      I do not have a tutorial to show the assembling of the petals. You can clasp the petals together with a wire and twist it from under to secure it. About the markers, using a Sharpie should surely help.


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