Recycled Plastic Pendant

I made this pendant out of cut pieces of a plastic beverage bottle. Scorched the sides a bit over a candle flame and then had it adorned with a butterfly charm and a short chain. Though this recycling technique is very common and easy, the assembling is what took much of my time.

Please note that utmost care is needed while cutting & burning the plastic if you are trying this technique at home. Protection for eyes & hands are recommended.

In my next post, I shall publish some pictures of plastic flowers which I have created using this same technique.




Recycled Plastic Flowers


24 thoughts on “Recycled Plastic Pendant

  1. Great use of ‘free’ material. Thanks for showing how to keep stuff out of landfill. Heating plastic [ABS, polystyrene] to temperatures over 300° C (572° F) releases combustible gases. Take care and thanks for sharing


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    • Haven’t tried it yet so cannot comment …. looks like its would be more safer to use a heat gun but then the process of heating may depend on the thickness of the plastic.


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