My golden yellow silk poppies !!

  These handcrafted poppy flowers and leaves are made out of silk fabric. Normally you will find many variations of poppies with diversified palette of colours and unlike below, poppies usually grow one on each stem, but since I had already made quiet a few of these, I bunched them all altogether to form this … Continue reading My golden yellow silk poppies !!


Paneer Gobi Masala

A dish prepared with Indian Cottage Cheese and Cauliflower florets marinated in Indian spices. This vegetable dish is prepared with fried Paneer and Cauliflower florets marinated in tandoori masala and other spices . Indian Paneer on its own has a very mild flavour but the aromatic spicy masalas kind of makes up for taste and contributes to the … Continue reading Paneer Gobi Masala

Recycled Plastic Flowers

We all know that recycling helps conserve our earth’s natural resources thus protecting the environment. Many a times we tend to overlook things around us considered obsolete or waste but which can easily be put to use again. You will find innumerable items within your surroundings itself that can be recycled and re-used. So starting small, the … Continue reading Recycled Plastic Flowers

Recycled Plastic Pendant

I made this pendant out of cut pieces of a plastic beverage bottle. Scorched the sides a bit over a candle flame and then had it adorned with a butterfly charm and a short chain. Though this recycling technique is very common and easy, the assembling is what took much of my time. Please note that utmost care is needed while cutting & … Continue reading Recycled Plastic Pendant

Earrings for Valentine

With Valentine's day nearing, I thought of creating something to go with the theme and hence these handmade Red Hoop & Chandelier earrings. These are very easy and hassle-free to make. It can be done in minutes provided you have the right tools & findings with some really decorative spacer beads. The bright red beads would blend well with any … Continue reading Earrings for Valentine