DIY – Pink Flower Spray Tutorial

A simple tutorial on how to make this beautiful flower spray.

I have used silk fabric for these flowers, but you can use any material of your choice.

All you need is a bit of patience ………… Happy Flowering !!!!!  😀

Materials Needed:

  • Silk fabric cut into squares: 6 nos. for one large flower (12cm x 12cm) and  12 nos. for two small flowers (6cm x 6cm)
  • 3 nos. floral wires of size 30cms each
  • Stamens for the centre of the flowers
  • 3 nos. green clover leaves
  • Matching thread
  • Floral tape
  • Wire cutter

    Step 1

For making the petals fold each of the fabric squares into a triangle.

Gather the bottom and secure it with the thread as shown above.

Prepare 18 such petals – 6 for the large flower and 12 for the small ones.

    Step 2

Prepare the stem of the flower (centre) by tying the stamens around the floral wire.

Make 3 such stems for each of the flowers.

    Step 3

Tie the 6 large petals tightly around one of the stems (centre) and make the large flower.

    Step 4

Follow the same procedure and complete the small flowers.

    Step 5

Here you are !!!! One large and two small flowers.

    Step 6

Now roll the floral tape around the stem wires.

    Step 7

Starting with the large flower, attach the clover leaves and the small flowers with a second round of the floral tape and your flower spray is complete!

Below is the finished product !!!!  😛


12 thoughts on “DIY – Pink Flower Spray Tutorial

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