Peacock Blue Paper Bead Pendant

Happy New Year to all my viewers!!!

Here’s another of my paper bead project and my very first for the year 2013 😀

If I may say so, this post is a follow-up of my earlier post on Paper Bead Earrings. I had made these beads at that time and since then lying in my store box. So I thought of creating this beautiful pendant.

Compiling these beads together to make this pendant was much easier then actually creating /making these beads.  Personally I love making paper beads though at times I have lost it when I can’t get the exact measurements while cutting the paper or when the paper simply wouldn’t roll the right way. It’s quiet an effort once your done with them.  Next time I make these beads, I intend making them in different shapes and sizes.

For now, I hope you love this project!!


A set of matching earrings to go with this pendant.



12 thoughts on “Peacock Blue Paper Bead Pendant

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