Christmas Wreath

This Christmas wreath was made in a jiffy, my very first attempt on making one!!

I had in stock some blue flowers made last year and thought I would put them to use. So I made some matching blue and purple silk fabric grapes to go with it. My initial plan was to use them on a wicker basket but than changed my mind. Instead I decided to use them on a wreath as I have never ever made one before.

Since I had no twigs or a ready-made wreath frame, I made one out of clothes hangers, newspapers & some aluminium foil. I then wrapped it with blue silk and silver thread. The frame has not turned out perfectly round and looks slightly tilted on one side. I also admit its not near any traditional Christmas wreath 🙂 but nevertherless, I’m proud of the flowers and grapes. After all practice is what make a man perfect …….. right?





Christmas Gift Basket


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