Christmas Bells from recycled tealight holders

My desire to make something crafty out of used tealight holders centered around a rose-shaped candle holder which I happen to see in a supermarket. It was made with tealights and exquisitely painted with a glossy finish. It just looked so very elegant and ever since, I've been collecting all my used tealight holders for … Continue reading Christmas Bells from recycled tealight holders


Liebster Blog Award

Thank you silkesonestop for the Leibster Blog award.I have chosen the following bloggers for this award.Dear bloggers your interaction with my blog via your comments and likes is only an inspiration to do better.  Thank you all for the support.stepintothecruzthecraftypioneerlivingwithlaughterwifemotherorjustmlesleycarterroadtomyhearturbanwallart2bawarenofriesfor365frugalfeedingurbanpreppyUpon receiving this award you must also chose 11 other bloggers for the award.In order to accept the award … Continue reading Liebster Blog Award