Singed Layered Flowers

When I learned to make these singed flowers, I was quiet hooked on them! These handcrafted flowers are all ruffled and messy, but yet have that dainty look of the traditional natural flowers.

Mostly known as singed-layered petal flowers, these are often made with organza or silk fabric but turns out well even with satin or velvet fabric.  I made these with silk and the process involves cutting the fabric in a circular or flower shape and then melting or burning the edges of the fabric over the candle flame. If you have some scrap fabric left, you can use it for making these singed flowers.

Orange Singled-Layered Petal Flowers

More of my creations below. I have used some of these handcrafted flowers in hair accessories, the pictures of which will shortly be posted.

For a larger view of the flowers, click on the pictures:


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