Paper Bead Earrings

With this project, my obsession of making paper beads has finally come to an end!!

For months now, I had toyed with the idea of making paper beads using paper from old magazines and finally got around to making them. I think they have turned out fairly well and hence went ahead and used it to make some earrings.

If you have loads of old magazines stacked in that closet of yours, you might better put them to good use as well. All you would need is some paper, glue and a piece of wire hanger (alternatively you can also use a toothpick or a long needle) anything that can roll the paper smoothly.

An alternative to your bead supplies, making paper beads is not only simple & easy but cheap & eco-friendly too.

These colourful eco-chic earrings are so unique and light-weight, that I’m now inspired to make some more jewellery out of my paper beads !!!

Park your cursor on the pictures below to view a gallery of my creations.

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14 thoughts on “Paper Bead Earrings

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