White Bridal Flowers

These lovely white beauties can adorn any bridal décor and can surely be used as an embellishment for any bride or bridesmaid’s dresses or maybe even put together in making some bridal hair accessories.



It  took me nearly 5 hours to complete these designer flowers (glue & dry time included). Assembled out of white silk fabric, the petals had to be first glued, dried a bit, then pressed & twisted (to get that slight rippled effect) and then again dry them off completely. For the finish touch, I lightly applied some silver shimmer glue for a shiny look. If you notice, I have even put some fabric net between the petals of one of the flowers.

The stamens used in these flowers are personally hand-crafted by me. I made them whilst my petals were kept out for drying. For the first flower stamen, I had to twist some white and silver beads on a floral wire and the second one, has some tiny white seed beads glued together on wire which was later painted with some silver fabric paint.

Yes, I admit this whole project process was a bit painstaking, but my resultant creation was worth it !!!

Click on the gallery below to view some more of the same.




4 thoughts on “White Bridal Flowers

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