Stocking Flowers

A few of the stocking flowers from the very first batch which I made.

The stocking material used is readily available in the market and they come in a very large range of bright and vivid colours which gives these flowers a life-like appearance. Also known as Nylon flowers, these are quiet inexpensive and durable if used as an embellishment in accessories. You may have often seen them in hair and wedding accessories like hand-bouquets and corsages, etc.



There are some more which I have used in hair accessories, the pictures of which I shall shortly be posting in my next segment of Stocking Flowers. They are very easy to make but to get the exact fresh look of traditional flowers would depend on the art of making Nylon Flowers (which I have yet to master). I am still learning and someday hope to make some very intricate and beautiful Nylon Flowers.

Please click on the pictures below to get a larger view of the flowers.


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