White Lilies – A symbol of purity


Flowers provide a colourful appearance to our surroundings making this world an interesting place to live in. This symbol of feminism and beauty still continues to inspire the works of great artists and poets.

I took up flower making as a hobby purely because of my love for flowers. It was only after I had advanced into this craft did I realize how difficult it is to perfect this God’s divine creation. If you look at any flower petal closely, you would notice that it’s a blend of not one or two colours but numerous shades and this perfect blend of colour is really difficult to achieve with fabrics.

I first started making flowers with net fabric and then advanced to silk flowers. As far as fabric flowers are concerned silk is best to work with. I’ve made many flowers with this material and amongst all, white lilies remains my favourite!!!

Oops!!!! usually a lily is made up of six petals but all of my lilies have five 🙂
 A few of my creations ……..


6 thoughts on “White Lilies – A symbol of purity

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