Multifaceted Black Bead Drop Earrings

Black is beautiful!!!

These enchanting drop earrings may look huge and heavy but the multifaceted shiny black beads used along with the silver spacer beads are actually light weight.

These fabulous handcrafted pair of drops are not only easy and accessible to wear but are sure to standout alone and get you noticed 🙂


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Radiant Purple Dangle Earrings

Another one of my favorite dangle earrings!!! 🙂

The perfect mix of silver spacer beads together with the vibrant purple beads with shades of white in it gives these earrings a classic and timeless look which is sure to enhance and flash a brightness to any attire.


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Recycled Floral Wall Decoration

This wall decor is made from recycled toilet paper rolls.

Though a lengthy process, the flowers are quiet easy and simple to make. For the petals, I first cut out the rolls uniformly in circles and slightly bent them into a shape of a petal. Later I spray painted these petals with gold and silver and put them out to dry. To form the flowers, I glued together six petals of each color and then adorned them with a bunch of gold and silver beads at the center.





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White Boutonniere with Red Wine Grapes

Making a boutonniere or a corsage can be fun. A typical boutonniere would be designed with flowers adorned with some greenery around it. For a unique look, most of the wedding boutonnieres are crafted with feathers, herbs, laces or with some tiny artificial flowers.

For this boutonniere I have used two white flower blooms, a bunch of artificial red wine grapes and a few red stamens. For a more regal and elegant look, I have given the petals, stamens and the grapes a bit of a sparkle with my silver glue brush and wrapped the stem with a piece of silver metallic beading cord.


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Peach Blossom Flower Arrangement

An elegant handcrafted peach blossom flower arrangement as a table decoration.

These spring-bloom blossoms are made with silk fabric. The silk fabric used for the flower petals are slightly singed and then rolled into these beautiful blossoms. For the leave, I first made the curly leaf frames using bendable wires and then had them wrapped with green nylon/stocking fabric. Finally, the flowers and leaves are assembled on the wire stems to form this beautiful flower-spray branch arrangement.




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Colourful Organza Flowers

These colorful flowers are handcrafted using Organza fabric material and are perfect for invitation cards or boxes, party favor bags, centerpieces and can also be used as an embellishment to hair accessories, headpieces and hats.



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Crystal White Bead Dangle Earrings

These dangle earrings are handcrafted with sparkling multi faceted crystal white roundel beads and silver ball spacer beads. Perfect as a wedding accessory or for a party wear.



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Grape Drop Earrings

This pair of stunning handcrafted drop earrings features large faceted opaque purple beads with dangling silver grape findings.

A perfect accessory to dress up your outfit!!! 🙂


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Pink Organza Flowers

Little beautiful organza flowers handcrafted with delicate and shimmering pink organza fabric. These can be easily used for making flower sprays and various other hair and wedding accessories.




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